There are way more design schools and design educators than the few well-established ones that mainstream design blogs, mags and events give a platform to.
What are the less known design schools doing? Who else is teaching next to the “poster child” designers? What and how are you teaching? And why in this way?

Teaching Design is a platform and a conversational format for design educators – such as ourselves – and everyone interested in the field to share their experiences, doubts, questions, knowledge, concepts, methods and references, and to connect with one another. Teaching Design focuses on the basic and introduction courses and approaches design pedagogy from a decolonial and intersectional feminist perspective. We aim to get together and connect with like-minded educators to transform current structures.

Come join us!
We are by far not the first ones to speak about design education. Teaching Design aims to collect sources that are reference points and/or inspiration to you in your work – either from the design field directly, or from others. We invite you to share your sources which will be represented on the Instagram account of Teaching Design through photos and short texts. These collectively gathered sources serve as the backdrop against which the real-life Teaching Design formats will unfold – bringing together design educators to exchange, reflect and learn.

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We chose Instagram as a starting point because it is used by many people worldwide and can be accessed easily by many – other than a local exhibition or event. It is visually driven, but also allows for short texts and (very important) allows commenting and therefore a dialog between different people and perspectives.
However, since Instagram only gives full access to those who are registered, we additionally provide a text-based bibliography which contains the same information as the posts on Instagram.

Teaching Design has been initiated and launched in September 2019 and is edited and maintained by Lisa Baumgarten – Designer, Educator and Researcher – in collaboration with contributors, accomplices and friends.

Since our aim is to make these specific perspectives on design education (feminist, intersectional, decolonial) accessible, it is important to us, to look into and research the contributions, so our work is not only curatorial but also and most importantly editorial: we write little digests, personal statements, or include quotes – and also encourage contributors to do so.